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Which is the best IPL betting app in India?

Do you know that this can be done even from a mobile phone using apps? This is very convenient because your favorite IPL betting club is always at hand. But how do you choose the highest quality and most reliable app? We have already taken care of this for you and have made a list of the best platforms for your smartphones with IPL betting.

How helpful score in IPL Matches?

IPL score

You might be wondering that how score plays a major role in IPL matches. If yes, then you must consider the below information as it will help you learn about the major factors that will allow you to understand how scores help you while betting on IPL matches. The people who are connected with the …

The first victory of India’s first cricket match

first cricket match

You might be curious to know about major secrets of cricket, especially those who newly connect with this sport as this sport is reputed and famous and took a great image in the entire world. Almost many people are in love with cricket, but some don’t have an interest in it, but once they learn …

Best 5 captains of the top Indian cricket teams

best 5 captains

Indian cricket has experienced some of its greatest stars representing the national team. Throughout history, all of them have been filled with pride, passion, and determination to win every award they can for their nation. It does take a special kind of leadership style, however, to guide those men to success and make them play …