Is your skin
telling the truth?

Unlock the secrets of looking good and young with Skingene™

Unlock the secrets of looking good and young with Skingene™

about Skingene™

Say hello to your personal skincare expert. Skingene™ is an advanced technology that examines your genes associated with skin ageing and beauty. A once-in-a-lifetime test that scientifically creates a personalized skincare guide, specifically tailored for you.

how it works

It's a simple 4 step process to know your skin better as well as look beautiful
and young with personalized recommendations for your skin.

  • 1
    order your
    Skingene™ kit

    Order the Skingene Genetic Test Kit online

  • 2
    get your
    sample collected

    Gently, take a swab (as per instructions in the test kit) and schedule a pick-up from your home at a convenient time.

  • 3
    get your
    personalised report

    Get a detailed personalized report about your skin and recommendations to keep your skin young and beautiful.

  • 4
    free personalised consulting

    You always have access to our experts to understand the report and recommendations. They can also help you with procurement of products and supplements for treatment.

decode your skin

Are you
worried about
pre-mature wrinkling?
ls your skin
prone to acne?
How much is your
skin susceptible
to damage?
Does your skin have the
ability to protect itself
from sun damage?
How well are your
genes protecting you
against irritation?

Find out answers to these questions and more
with Skingene™ – revolutionary technology that
examines 16 genes associated with skin ageing.


Know success stories of those who benefitted from Skingene™

Sunaina Malhotra, (26)

"The consultation expert is very knowledgeable and the staff are very professional. They always give you realistic expectations and always go the extra mile. I feel happy knowing I'm giving my skin the best possible treatments, and products and would have no hesitation recommending this product to others who comment on my youthful appearance."

Anamika Saxena, (33)

"My skin is very sensitive. I have been having issues choosing the right products for my skin. When I came across SkinGene and used their recommended products they have suited me so well. It is an absolutely amazing product."

Gayatri Mahadevan, (37)

"SkinGene is truly a one of a kind product which helps me understand my skin and is personalised for my needs. It really has transformed my skin. Thanks!"

Apoorv Mehta, (42)

"SkinGene is worth much more than I paid. I will also let my mum know about this, she could really make use of such information!"