Man It Up- 3 Products You Should Buy Right Now

Alright! This blog post is especially for men who are man enough to take care of themselves & believe that a well-groomed man is a keeper for life 🙂

And if you are still using products which are outdated & pungent smelling, we suggest you stop immediately & instead give these 4 must-have essentials a try!

Classic Body Wash – American Crew

Classic Body Wash – American Crew

There is nothing more appealing than a man who smells & feels fresh & clean! This Classic Body Wash by American Crew is infused with the goodness of tea tree oil which will leave your skin moisturized & sanitized. Aloe vera, Vitamin A & E will nourish & protect. Need we say more? Maybe just this… Try it!

Advanced Body Lotion – Menscience

Advanced Body Lotion – Menscience

OMG! Are you still painting yourself with layers of oil after taking a shower? Please stop. You will end up smelling nasty & feeling sticky throughout the day! How about this weightless, oil-free body lotion from Menscience. It’s quick-dissolving formula contains professional-grade water-binding ingredients to boost skin’s hydration levels, leaving your skin soft & supple!  

After Shave Balm – Baxter Of California 


Yes, yes we love bearded men! But if you are the type of guy who sports a non-bearded look then you need to treat your skin with extra love & care. You can begin by using this awesome after shave balm by Baxter of California on your freshly shaven skin. This stuff is just fantastic & alcohol-free, making it a much sought after aftershave. It will hydrate with a subtle clean fresh scent & maybe you will experience a warm tingling feel of Menthol. We promise you will keep coming back to it!

So till we meet again, Happy Skindulging!

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