Top Four ‘Do-it-all’ Cleansers For A Clean Face

Welcome to Skindulge, The Skingene Blog! Here we discuss everything about skincare, makeup & more! Today we will be talking about skin cleansing, something that is essential for all of us! We suggest the top skin cleansers that remove all the debris & pollutants off your skin.

Let’s face it,  getting your skin clean is probably one of the most laborious steps in your skincare regime. The most important thing to know is that you need to do it properly otherwise the rest of your products won’t be able to do their job. Double cleansing is no doubt a way out to get makeup off your skin but not everyone has the time or the patience for this. So, how can you get the same results from using just one product? By using one of these multi-tasking cleansers. These cleansers help you get rid of impurities from your skin and leaves you with clean and glowing skin.

We recommend these 3 effective products to help cleanse skin-


Let’s start with this amazing cleanser which is an oil free cleanser that controls acne, reduces excess oil, makeup & bacteria. It deeps cleans your skin without drying out the moisture. Peter Thomas Roth helps in preventing formation of blackheads & blemishes. So, we give it a 10/10.


Clinique has these amazing cleansing bar for face & body.  It targets skin with blemishes, spots or acne. It deeply cleanses without dehydrating skin and leaves skin comfortable & healthy looking.


This skin moisturizing cleanser by Dermalogica is a top product. It works a dual-action exfoliating cleanser which helps retexturize skin. The Lactic Acid in it concentrates on removing surface debris & boosts cell renewal. Antioxidant vitamin E conditions & enhances softness. The Rose Flower Oil extracts calm skin sensitivity. So, you need to add this to you skin cleansing regime.


This cleansing milk contains natural plant extracts which soothe redness, cleanses oiliness & decongest troublesome skin. It moisturizes & neutralizes the drying effects of hard water leaving skin soft, elastic & comfortable. It is ideal for combination & oily skin.

As we leave you with these, we hope you can incorporate them into your daily beauty regimen & cleanse regularly before you fo to your beauty sleep and before you start your day in the morning! Let us know if you need more information on any of these products & we will be happy to help!

And if you have tried any of these for skin cleansing, we would love to hear from you.. just leave your comments below!

So here’s wrapping this one up! Till we meet again, keep skindulging!

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