Celebrate Holi With Skingene: Skindulge helps you protect your Hair & Skin.

Holi is that time of year when we remember and meet all those who are close to our hearts with all the vibrant colors! So, lovely ladies gear up for all the fun and frolic.

We know that however much we want to play our hearts out on Holi, there’s always some hesitation. All the chemical and metallic colors are harmful to the Skin and Hair and this scares us to the core. Without proper precautions, there can be negative health effects like severe skin rashes, allergies, dry & brittle hair. But fear not, today on Skindulge, we will talk about the essential precautions that you must take. And then, you can just be the carefree diva of your Holi party. We will suggest you the before Holi preps and the after Holi care tips and the products that might act as your life-savers.

Protecting your skin:

a)Wear full sleeved tops and try to cover as much of your body as you can. Because the less the skin is directly exposed to the color the better it can be protected from tHE effect.

b)Moisturize your skin well before you head out for Holi celebration. Use a hydrating body oil or body butter and apply it in abundance. It helps as the chemical does not get to your skin also it is easier to wash it off later.
c)If you notice any reaction on your skin or any rashes due to the color. Do not delay and immediately take an anti-allergic medicine.


This helps maintains optimum hydration of the skin boosting cell renewal & strengthening skin. Skin appears smooth, supple & radiant.


Protecting your nails:

Most of the times, the nails tend to get colored because of some chemical colors most of the people use. And, it doesn’t go away even after a lot of scrubbing. It stays for days making our nails look shabby. The best we can do for it is to apply a dark shade of nail paint. This way, it gets easier to wash off the color. Also, you can live up your glam quotient. Do not forget to moisturize the area around the nails.



Protecting your eyes:

Do not wear contact lenses if you do. Wear spectacles instead. If in any case color gets in your eyes, wash your eyes immediately. Do not keep rubbing your eyes.

Protecting your hair:

It is suggested that you should generously apply oil to your hair and scalp. The color chemical is deemed to affect your hair. The only cheat to protect your hair during Holi is to apply oil to your hair so that it does not get frizzy and brittle once you wash it. Use a hydrating shampoo and hair mask to moisturize and revitalize your hair when you’re washing them.


This shampoo gently yet thoroughly removes dirt & impurities from the hair. It repairs hair to restore natural beauty & resilience. It protects hair from breakage, splitting and leaves hair supple, shiny, healthy & manageable.

We hope that these tips help you in celebrating Holi tension free. And, that you protect your beautiful skin and hair from the damaging chemicals by using these products. Please contact us if you need more information on any of these products & we will be happy to help!

Wishing you Happy Holi! Sending across a lot of happiness to all our readers.

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