Decode your genes

Are You Worried About Pre-Mature Wrinkling?

Do you know:

1 in 3 people have a genetic variation that predisposes their skin to accelerated collagen breakdown leading to premature wrinkling.

Effects on skin:

  • Premature wrinkling
  • Ageing
  • Sagging of the skin

Know more:

Collagen is the principle structural protein of the skin. Like other components of the body, collagen undergoes continuous turnover. It’s produced and recycled on an ongoing basis throughout your life. During young age, your body makes more collagen than it loses, but as you grow older, collagen loss can accelerate. This leads to a decline in the health and appearance of your skin.

Our genes contain the information about the speed of collagen production and breakdown. The Skingene ™ Test can help identify if you are a carrier of key genes associated with accelerated collagen loss – even before the signs have become visible.

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