About Skingene

Our Company

Skingene™ is at the forefront in India for assessing genetic predisposition to skin ageing issues. Arising out of an individual’s unique genetic makeup, we offer a personalized skin treatment guide specifically tailored for you.

Skingene is a product of Genesis Biogen. We are a genetic testing company that provides actionable health information in our endeavour to enable people improve their lives. We offer Pregnancy prep scan, Preventable cancer scan and CancerPlex as well.

Our team consists of Harvard & Stanford incubated laboratories, scientists, engineers and medical professionals who work together to provide people with accurate health information.

Our Founder

Yashvardhan Shrivastav
Yashvardhan Shrivastav, Founder & CEO

“You have my personal assurance of receiving innovative products, processed in world class laboratories which generate reports that are unassailable and trusted by doctors internationally.”

BS–Biomedical Engineering, University of Virginia, USA
Has previously worked with:
  • Intercorp Biotech
  • Beam Money
  • AIIMS (Internship)

Our Team

Shefali Prasad
Shefali Prasad, Digital Officer

BTech–Biotechnology, Sathyabhama University

Has previously worked with:
  • EDocuman Solutions
  • Emcure Pharmaceuticals
  • Avesthagen

Shazia Suhail
Dr Shazia Suhail, Science Officer

PhD-Biomedical Applications, Integral University, MTech–Biotechnology, Integral University, BTech–Genetic Engg, Allahabad Agricultural University

Has previously worked with:
  • Ranbaxy Laboratories
  • Cadila Pharmaceuticals

Our Scientifc Board of Advisors

Monisha Kapoor
Dr Monisha Kapoor

Dr Kapoor is an internationally renowned plastic surgeon having extensive experience and expertise. She is an active member of the distinguished International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and American Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr Kapoor is recognized as an authority on Human Aesthetics. She applies most modern technologies from world leaders like Lumenis, Hydrafacial, Pelleve, Thermage , Lysonics, Triactive Deka etc. She is a valued participant in International conferences, forums and seminars. She has an unparalled passion and a keen eye for beauty, making her the most sought Cosmetic Surgeon in Indian as well as the Global market.

T: +91-98114-39395 (Delhi)
E: [email protected]
Shuba Dharmana
Dr Shuba Dharmana

Dr Dharmana is a renowned and experienced Cosmetic Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon with tremendous international exposure. Prior to practicing in India, she trained and worked in UK at several internationally famous cosmetic clinics in London and Ascot under the guidance of world renowned pioneers of Aesthetic Medicine. She is a Post Graduate Diploma in Dermatology from Cardiff University. Dr Dharmana is an associate member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS), All India Medical Council, and FICCI (Women Empowerment / Entrepreneurial Org). Her General Medical Council of United Kingdom Registration No is 520-5409.

T: +91-80-4850-6550 (Bengaluru, Hyderabad)
E: [email protected]
Dr Smita Khullar
Dr Smita Khullar

Dr Khullar is a renowned Gynaecologist in Delhi. She has her MBBS and MD (OB/Gyn) from Lady Hardinge Medical College Delhi. She received Gold Medal in MD. Dr Khullar was awarded Dr CS Dawn Prize for Best Paper Presentation at the All India Obstetric & Gynaecological Congress Kolkata and has presented several papers. She has keen interest in social activities in which has treated over 1,100 women in slums in a free medical camp organized by Cancer Care Foundation, has counselled over 600 couples regarding Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care during medical camp organized by SSKH, and advocates ban of pre-natal sex determination to ensure reduction in female foeticide. Dr Khullar practices at the Max Super Speciality, Sir Ganga Ram, and Holy Angel hospitals in Delhi and is an active volunteer at the camps organized by NRHM through its public and private partnerships.

T: +91-98101-46361 (Delhi)
E: [email protected]

Our Story

It’s a fact of life that our genes play a large role in determining who we are, also who we will become.

The evidence of this isn’t limited to the realm of science, it’s expressed in our everyday sayings like “you have your mothers eyes”, “Your great uncles nose”, but even in the everyday, the biological outcomes of our organs is determined in large part by our genes, and since the skin is the body’s largest and one of the most critical organs, we set out to determine which genes play a role in this determination.


DNA Science

Through DNA Science we know that a single gene consists of a unique sequence of DNA that provides the complete set of instructions to make a protein. Genes instruct cells to make sets of proteins at just the right times, and it is through this specificity that our uniqueness arises.

The concept of uniqueness is important because even though the DNA of any two individuals is more than 99.8% identical, everyone is genetically unique. The crucial difference lies in the remaining 0.2% differences most typically represented as variations known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms or (SNPs pronounced ‘snips’). DNA Science has helped to identify that many of these SNPs have been associated with an increased risk of disease including breast cancer, melanoma and diabetes – to name a few.

But the influence of SNPs doesn’t stop with disease, they determine most of our personal characteristics – everything from the colour and thickness of our hair to the shape of our nose and, as recently discovered, the youth and vitality of our skin.

This is the concept we use in SkinGene.

Our Advantage

Skingene™ is an advanced DNA screening test that examines your genes associated with skin ageing and beauty. It is a one-time test that scientifically creates a personalized treatment guide specifically tailored for you.

Benefits Why is this important?
Revolutionary test to
understand your genes
Prevention is better than cure. Identify various skin care
concerns before they appear.
Personalized product
Go beyond the ‘one-size-fits-all’ suggestions – using the right skincare
ingredients targeted to your own genetic blueprint.
Personalized treatment
Start your treatments before the onset of symptoms to
keep your youthful skin intact.
Specialist advisors Our genetic advisors are available to help you understand the
report as well as assist in helping you get access to any products
or treatments you may require.
Personalized nutritional
supplement recommendations
Heal your body from the inside. Your supplement recommendations
are tailored to your genes so you keep your glowing skin forever.
Non-invasive genetic
Just saliva, no needles or blood.