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Some words about cricket betting odds and predictions

Cricket and other sports betting are increasing each day due to the increased number of players and the availability of easy online betting sites on the internet. All the matches from domestic to international level are open on these sites for players to place bets on.  There are certain betting sites like Marathon Bet, dedicated to cricket betting alone. 

However, players who are new to this field on cricket betting should first learn about the working of the cricket odds and how to place the stakes accordingly. The betting odds represent the likelihood of the occurrence of an event which helps to determine the amount of money that the players will win if they win the bets. 

Without a good grip on betting odds, it would be quite ridiculous to place bets as it doesn’t quite increase the chances of winning the bets and earning profits. In cricket betting, if the players are betting against the general sentiments, the players will make a massive amount of money if the odds turn out to be true. 

Explanation Of Cricket Betting OddsExplanation of cricket betting odds

The cricket betting odds are generally the indicators of the amount of money the bettors may either lose or win in a bet. Let, an online betting site organizes bets on the matches of two countries say A and B, at 50-55. The odds of A is 50 and on B is 55.

If the player now places a bet of Rs 100 on A, then if A wins the player will win an amount of Rs 150. But if A loses, then the player will lose the entire amount of Rs 100. Similarly, if the player places a bet of Rs 100 on the team of country B and if it wins then the player will win an amount of Rs 155 or lose an amount of Rs 100 if team B loses. 

betting odds calculationHowever, all the online betting sites don’t keep the bets so simple and instead places the bets in decimals. Let, an online betting site places the odds on cricket matches between the teams of India and Australia at decimals of 1.3 – 3.1, which will mean that if the players place a bet of Rs 100 on India, then if India wins the matches, the players will get an amount of Rs 130 which is ( 100+{100×1.3}). The decimals show the amounts of money that will either increase or decrease in the bet’s result. 

The presence of many online sites for cricket betting has made cricket betting easily accessible for all the fans of cricket to get live results of bets on all the matches. And for the players who want to try cricket betting, should first learn about how the working of betting odds of cricket and how to win the bets placed.